The Project

The African Women Changing the Narrative: Our Story project, funded and supported through the generous contribution of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), was launched in 2015 – the year declared by the African Union Commission (AUC) as the ‘The year for African women’. Subsequently, the women’s movement in Africa and beyond called for greater action and key initiatives that bring instant change to the lives of women at all levels of societies.

In articulating the Action Plan for the Year of Women the AUC, with technical support of UN Women, developed key messages to frame the advocacy strategy for the year. These messages centered around six thematic areas: Women’s leadership; Agriculture; Ending child marriage; Economic empowerment; Peace and security; and, Health. Pursuant to these key messages and thematic areas, the African Women Changing the Narrative: Our Story project sought to highlight the contribution of African women in these areas and to chronicle their stories through the production of six documentaries This was the first step.

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Watch the trailer to African Women Changing the Narrative - Our Story documentary Series

Women's Leadership: Breaking the Glass Ceiling...

Watch how Africa women leaders from the United Nations, the African Union, Business, Banking, Civil Society demonstrate how women have broken the glass ceiling and climbed up the leadership ladder. These few examples of

Economic Empowerment: A Bank for African Women...

Watch how African women continue to venture fearlessly into male dominated industries. Using wit, innovation and a keen sense of savviness, women from Egypt to Ethiopia navigate the banking, fashion and construction

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The media called to amplify the voices of African Women

UN Women affirms its commitment to enhance its media engagement in Africa to change the narrative so that the world stop viewing African women as victims – but understand their true role as agents of change and pillars of resilience.

Changing the Narrative of African Women in and through the Media

UN Women recently conducted a training for African journalists. It took place 8-11 August in the Tanzanian capital, Dar es Salaam, and was attended by journalists from 13 African countries who focused on how to change the narrative on reporting on women.

Handbook on Gender-Responsive Reporting in Conflict Affected Countries in Africa

UN Women and the African Union Commission Office of the Special Envoy (OSE) on Women, Peace and Security jointly launched a handbook on Practicing Gender- Responsive Reporting in Conflict Affected Countries in Africa.

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